Brand Success Guide

The strongest global brands

Which brands have the power to transcend their cultural origins to create strong relationships with consumers around the world? Analysis of BrandZ™ identifies the 10 strongest global brands. The strongest brand may surprise you!

Five practices for global brand success

What are the characteristics of successful global brands and what steps do they take to become successful in new markets? A summary of global brand best practice based on interviews with some of the world's leading brand marketers.

Implementing effective global research programs

What does it take to implement a successful global research program? This section shares learning based on the experience of Millward Brown's global market research team. What are the challenges to be overcome and what things must be considered?

Five reasons local brands have the home-field advantage

Our research finds that being part of the national culture is an important driver of purchase intent. This gives local brands a home field advantage - provided they possess the other characteristics of a strong brand.

The BRICs and beyond: Exploring local brand attitudes

Global brand marketers study today's fast-growing markets, including the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China), very closely. Yet not everyone who finds themselves working on a brand in these markets has prior knowledge of the country. The content in this section offers an introduction to the marketing and media environments in markets many want to know more about.

The changing face of retail around the world

Modern retail trade is expanding rapidly in developing markets. For packaged goods marketers this brings with it both opportunities and threats. This section considers the shifting nature of retail trade around the world, illustrated by photographs taken by the author in different countries, and considers the risks involved.

Five steps to a strong brand

Learn more about what makes a strong brand. This section provides an overview to the five steps of Millward Brown's Brand Pyramid and the framework behind BrandZ.

Five brand success factors

The foundation of a strong brand is an effective business model. But this alone does not guarantee success. This section considers the five characteristics that unite strong brands wherever they are found.

Strong brands grow over time

Many of the strongest global brands had a luxury that is in short supply these days: time. This section considers how some of the most successful global brands used that time to become adopted as part of the local culture.